Anti-Psychiatry / Psych Reform Reading List


For those of you who’s interest in the Anti-Psychiatry / Psych Reform / Mental Health Abolition movement has been piqued by my previous post, here is a list of relevant books that I am currently making my way through. Some of them I have read and some I am just now getting around to.

  1. Insanity: The Idea and Its Consequences (Thomas Szasz)
  2. Toxic Psychiatry (Peter Breggin)
  3. Your Drug May Be Your Problem (Peter Breggin & David Cohen)
  4. Medication Madness (Peter Breggin)
  5. Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety (Peter Breggin)
  6. Unhinged (Daniel Carlat)
  7. Mad in America (Robert Whitaker)
  8. Anatomy of an Epidemic (Robert Whitaker)
  9. Psychiatry Under the Influence (Robert Whitaker)
  10. The Emperor’s New Drugs (Irving Kirsch)
  11. Saving Normal (Allen Frances)
  12. The Book of Woe (Gary Greenberg)
  13. Crazy Like Us (Ethan Watters)
  14. A Mind of Your Own (Kelly Brogran & Kristin Loberg)

Those should get you started!



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