Hitting the Reset Button

Escher Hands

Welcome! My name is Justin Gabriel. I am a Christian Author, Mental Health Advocate, and Theology Geek. This blog represents a ‘soft reboot’ of my online writing presence. By the grace of God, my lifelong dream to become a published author took a giant leap forward when I signed a publishing agreement for my forthcoming novel. Acknowledging the likelihood that I may step into the light of public awareness, I wanted to launch Select Arrow with a few goals in mind:

  1. Consolidate my current (and some former) online blogs into one
  2. Bring a clear, unified voice to bear on my diverse interests
  3. Replace the formal anonymity of my past endeavors with a cohesive identity
  4. Polish and repackage some of my favorite past writing
  5. Build relationships with readers
  6. Experience less stress about maintaining and updating multiple blogs

Select Arrow was actually the name of the first legit attempt at a blog I recall launching (the name comes from a passage in Isaiah 49 and has a deep personal relevance for my life). Through the years, I’ve worked on a political blog, a satirical blog, a steampunk blog, a serialized science fiction blog, Thank You Jesus For These Pop Tarts, a blog about evangelism in Japan, Theology Geek, Crazy Church, Flatland Pilgrim, and the Organic Mental Health Manifesto (I’m surely omitting some). Now I come full circle.

The unifying focuses of Select Arrow are ‘Theology, Mental Health & Art.’ The majority of my posts will fall somewhere between those three core passions of mine. I reserve the right to blog about other things as well, so as not to experience the urge to create additional blogs as has been my pattern in the past. My former blogs will live on in new form – as categories for my new blog posts. Here is a quick category guide:

Justin Gabriel – posts about my books and myself as a writer

Theology Geek – sharing my deep fascination and love of Christian theology

Crazy Church – compassionate mental health advocacy from a Christian perspective

Flatland Pilgrim – works of art that reflect the Image of God in humankind and the ex-nihilo creativity of the Creator

Thank You Jesus For These Pop Tarts – reflections on life and culture

Kamikaze & Umeshu – Japan, Japanese people, and Japanese culture

Thank you all for joining me for this new venture. I appreciate your thoughts, comments, feedback, and dialogue. This is just the beginning.